A Place to Pursue God's Purpose

Jubilee College International (JCI) is a ministry training institution created to help students discover their destiny and equip them to fulfill it. The school is designed to strengthen foundation through the study of God’s Word and practical ministry application. JCI provides a unique combination of classroom training and ministry practicum. Our philosophy of experience-based teaching will open doors of learning that enables the student to grasp Biblical concepts and apply them with the power of the Holy Spirit. A church- centered Bible college is the perfect place to grow spiritually, develop a ministry call, or just become more effective. If you believe you have a ministry call or are looking to be more effective in your home, school, job, or business, then you can count on JCI to provide the spiritual tools you need to achieve God’s will for your life. If you desire to know God more intimately and are willing to give all of your life for Him, then JCI is the place for you. "JCI is ready to teach you, stretch you, and take you to places you have never been before with God! The time is now to pursue God’s purpose for your life – the place is JCI."


Len Ballenger
Jubilee College International

Courses currently available online:

Christian Life Basics (Prerequisite)

Contagious Christianity Evangelism Strategies

Countering the Culture Worldview

Hebrew Idioms

Holocaust History

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Students must first complete the Course Registration . If you are taking courses for degree credit you must also complete the enrollment process. See Registration Procedures.

NOTE: Students must have completed all administrative requirements; completed all course work to include research papers with a passing grade; scored a passing grade on all exams and quizzes; and attended at least 70% of classes (as applicable) and required events in order to receive credit for a class. If auditing courses are $100 each course. If taking for credit they are $45 per credit hour ($135 per course). Click here to register for a course.

Typical Course Syllabus:

Course outline and requirements for degree or certificate students:

1. Order the student workbook for your course.

2. Listen to lecture audio files while completing the Student Workbook.

3. Purchase the required reading material.

4. Complete your mid-course writing assignment.

5. Complete life skills ministry participation assignments. (Complete a course topic public presentation with evaluation. Have at least two people complete the evaluation form).

6. Complete and submit final research paper thesis statement for approval. (Research and Writing Criteria Guide)

7. Complete and submit final research paper bibliography for approval.

8. Complete and submit final research paper annotated bibliography for approval.

9. Complete and submit final research paper first draft for review.

10. Complete and submit final research paper for approval.

11. Complete the JCI Course Survey.

12. Complete and pass final exam. (Contact JCI for scheduling exam.)

Video Conferencing

Go to www.zoom.us. Signup then download and install the Zoom conferencing application to your desktop or mobile device. When a course conference is scheduled return to this page and click Join a Meeting.