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Courses Currently Available Online

BIB 407   Hebrew Idioms I                                                                        3 hrs

A look at the study of cultural idioms in Hebrew numbers, text, language, scripture and more. this course will give indepth understanding to often misunderstood Scriptural interpretations.

CLF 102   Life Basics (Disciplines of Life I)                                          3 hrs

A practical introduction to the discipline of the Christian life including daily study of the Worde, prayer, fasting, journaling, study habits, and financial stewardship.

CLF 104    Church Life Connect                                                               1 hr

A fundamental class on the local church mission, vision, government, function, and ministry model. Foundational class in local church membership and growth track process.

CLF 302     Leadership Definitions (Spiritual Leadership/Identity)          1 hr

A study on the principles and responsibilities of Christian leadership. Emphasis will be on the call, preparation, and function of leaders in the framework of the local church.

CLF 405     Marriage Foundations                                                            3 hrs

This marriage seminar is essential for understanding critical principles for building and sustaining healthy marriages. Emphasis on spiritual, emotional, and behavioral maturity as well as understaning personality types simluarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses and how they enrich the relationship.

CLF 406    Countering the Culture (World View I)                                    3 hrs

A foundational look at current cultural philosophies and world views flooding our society and the church. In this course we will look at their historical roots and how they are unbilical. You will learn to think and articulate an apologetic defense against these unbiblical phiolosophies as well as the ability to articulate the truth and discern what is not.

MIN 101     Contagious Christianity (Evangelism Strategy/Practice)      3 hrs

An involved look at historical and contemporary methods of evangelism. Effective, hands-on-training and discussion about evangelism today will be included.

MIN 102     Encounter Seminar                                                                   3 hrs

This weekend seminar is both life-changing for the student and vital training for the church builder. Emphasis is on the cross, identity, breaking lies and generational bandages, and walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. The seminar gives practical tools for the believer's personal walk and relationship with God.

HIS 103 Holocaust History

A consecrated study into the roots and consequences, both culturally and globally, of the Jewish Holocaust and Nazi Germany. In this study you gain a perspective from that of the victims, participators, spectators, and perpetrators.

Courses Underdevelopment for Online Completion

CLF 403    Foundations 101                                                                    3 hrs

A study of biblical transferable concepts and generational principles. Emphasis on continuity of generational discipleship in prophetic revelation, generational transfer, cultural reformation, covenant relationship, family leadership, and more.

CLF 404    Foundations 102                                                                   3 hrs

An indepth study of the cross and the identity of the Christian. Emphasis on true Biblical Christian conversion and intimacy of relationship with Jesus Christ.

MIN 104      Practical Ministry                                                                    3 hrs

A practical, on-hands course in practical aspects of ministry. The seminar is built on detailed study of the "charismatic" gifts of I Corinthians 12. Ministry situations such as altar ministry, personal prophecy, healing ministry, and deliverance will be covered.

MIN 105      Leadership School of Leaders I (School of Leaders Seminar) 3 hrs

This four-part foundational course is built around the training and development of leaders in the local church. Specific emphasis will be on discipleship and preparation for small group leaders.

MIN 106     Prophetic Principles and Protocol                                             3 hrs

This is an indepth  and practical course on the pre-requisites, assignments, functions, and purpose of personal prophetic ministry in the local church. Emphasis is on the gift compared to the office as well as the integrity of ministry.

MIN 304     Nouthetic Counseling                                                                3hrs

A course in the fundamental principles and application of nouthetic biblical method in pastoral counseling. This course is essential for pastors, elders, youth ministers, mentors, and anyone seeking to help bring complete and lasting liberty to those they lead and disciple.

MIN 404     Administration of the Holy Spirit                                                1 hr

A practical course on how to administrate the flow of services allowing people to use their gifts while allowing the Holy Spirit to freely operate and fulfill His purpose in a service. Emphasis on discernment, maintaining order, integrity of ministry, and sensitivity to the direction of the Holy Spirit and His desire in a service.