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Strategic Christian Leadership

The Epistles of Peter

NOTICE TO STUDENTS: Course payment and all course work must be completed before course credits are issued. Course work includes assignments, lectures, student workbook, research papers in accordance with the Research and Writing Criteria Guide, ministry participation, presentations, evaluations, seminars, exams, and surveys.

Copyright Notice:

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Typical Course Syllabus:

Course outline and requirements for degree or certificate students:

1. Purchase Student Workbook from Webstore

2. Listen to lecture audio files while completing the Student Workbook.

3. Purchase the required reading material.

4. Complete your mid-course writing assignment.

5. Complete life skills ministry participation assignments. (Complete a course topic public presentation with evaluation. Have at least two people complete the evaluation form).

6. Complete and submit final research paper thesis statement for approval. (Research and Writing Criteria Guide)

7. Complete and submit final research paper bibliography for approval.

8. Complete and submit final research paper annotated bibliography for approval.

9. Complete and submit final research paper first draft for review.

10. Complete and submit final research paper for approval.

11. Complete the JCI Course Survey.

12. Complete and pass final exam. (Contact JCI for scheduling exam.)